26 May 2008

anything new ? mmmmh...

The production process takes longer than we expected - though we have new contacts regularly but these things take time... Also since the previous post many things happened - Pumpwerk theatre is closed for good and our shows there are cancelled ; we suspend In Girum... until fall - until we find a new partner (by the way Rachel Brooker's Invitation was a very interesting and challenging piece, have a look at the In Girum... gallery) ; and we've been quite busy trying to get our own studio in Berlin - we just missed a good opportunity in Neukölln (also we start to think that an alternative dance and music theatre place in Berlin is seriously missing, should do something about it...).

So we keep it easy with 'die Welt...' until cash flows in - and we focus until then on the ever evolving Angel Meat project, currently in the form of a dance + music duo that is taking us to radical and unexpected directions. This and lots of travels in summer make 'die Welt...' next sessions in October - hopefully a one week residence.