2 February 2007


Ines Birkhan

Born in Vienna, living in Berlin since 2005, she studied fine arts and sculpture at the Academie of Applied Arts in Vienna, then dance and choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Since then she continuously works on her own performances and film/video, such as Alpiner Exorzismus (2003/2004), Butterflies, Sex and Hypochondria (2005), Mythen der Zukunft (2005/2006), den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen (2006/2007).

She danced with/for Kyung-sun Baek, Julien Bruneau, Bertram Dhellemmes, Barbara Gene, Nora Heilman, Barbara Kraus, Kurt Koegel, Benoit Lachambre, Frans Poelstra, Michael Schumacher, Robert Steijn, Frank van den Ven, Lito Walkey and others. Since 2004 she is co-director of the company Real Dance Super Sentai. Since a few years she is also producing work as an author and wrote several short stories and a novel.

Bertram Dhellemmes

Lives and works in Berlin. First works as a visual artist, a video maker and a musician (two CDs released on the label Kinpatsu, another one on Even Stilte), then combines these different disciplines to transmedia practice, such as cinema (Alpiner Exorzimus with Ines Bikhan, 2004, short movie Partie 0.1, 1998) and transmedia performances (Oudapo, L.I.S.I.M., Ubik, N log h…). From his performer involvement, studies and works since 1996 with long term dancers of Min Tanaka's butoh company Maijuku, particularly with Christine Quoiraud and Body Weather Amsterdam (Frank van de Ven, Katerina Bakatsaki), and with Min Tanaka himself, a. o. during a stay in Japan in 1999, while also taking classes of Akira Kasai and Kazuo Ohno.
His last years are mainly dedicated to dance — a. o. creating and directing the company Real Dance Super Sentai for the creation of Of human being as an animal degenerated by intelligence in 2003 — most of the time relating with music, video, new media and spatial devices, in an on-going transmedia research. Also art and cinema critic and theoretician.

Kyung-sun Baek

Dancer and choreographer based in the Netherlands, born in 1975 in Korea. From 2001 to 2003 attended the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Performed in several projects with amongst others, Robert Steijn, Carolien Hermans, Hooman Sharifi, Amy Cox, etc. ; improvisation with Katie Duck, Michael Schumacher, Sylvan Meret, etc.
Last performances (2006): ‘Melting stone’ (dance and choreography), Amsterdam - ‘Die Zauberflote’ opera choreographed by Min Tanaka, Salzburg - ‘The Bush Administration’ by Robert Steijn, Amsterdam - Improvisation with Magpie Music & Dance Company, Amsterdam - ‘Talk to speaker’ by Amy cox, Arheim - ‘Not the real very end’ by Amy Cox, Amsterdam.

Sahra Huby

Sahra Huby was born in Brussels, where she studied painting, movement and dance (Therapeutic Dance with Stefane Chapelle 2000-2003, Butoh with Masaki Iwana, Carlotta Ikeda, Pé Vermeersch & Body Weather Amsterdam, Lecoq´s Method at the International School of Theater Lassaad 2002-2003). She afterward studied contemporary dance at Die Etage in Berlin (2004-2006). She currently works as a dancer with different choreographers – mainly with Anna Konjetzky and her company Akate –, and teaches Butoh in Germany and Belgium.

Helga Wretman

Helga got her professional dance education at the Royal Swedisch Ballet School (contemporary part) during which she participated in many productions in the Stockholm Opera Haus. She choreographed and performed in different dance spaces such as Dansens Hus, mostly as a member of D-Company (Isadora Duncan dance company), and Orion Theatern. In 2005, Helga moved to Berlin to explore the German dance scene and stayed there to work as a freelance dancer with different choreographers, artists, film makers and designers, such as Tomi Paasonen, Paul Julius and Steven Dwonsky.

Peter Orins

Composer & musician (drums, electronics) based in Lille, plays with several groups, ranging from jazz to pop music via improvisation and experimental music. Numerous concerts and CDs with Impression (jazz, Circum-Disc/DOM Disques 2004 - Lyrae Records/DAM Records 2000), Stefan Orins Trio (jazz, Circum-Disc/DOM Disques 2006 & 2004), Circum Grand Orchestra (jazz big band, Circum-Disc 2005), La Pieuvre (improvisation big band, Helix/Circum-Disc 2007), Vera Clouzot (pop music, Spirit of Jungle/Wagram 1999, 2001 & 2003). Concerts with Quartet Base, Electropus, De Nouvelles Erreurs, FayeWongEuroFanClub, Barnum, Sheetah et les Weissmuller

Composed the music for the movie Les Aveugles of Jean-Luc Perreard (Prix Kielowski 1998, Prix du Festival de Villeurbanne), and the performances N log h 6./Jazz & Triphan. Founding member and administrator of Circum, musicians’ collective, concert organisation and records label based in Lille, France > www.circum-music.com.

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