25 August 2007

24 August 2007


So things keep on changing... Due to the personal changes and the modification of the project, the residence in Schloß Bröllin is postponed to Novembre 2007. So far we didn't solve the casting problem, so now we have time to reconsider things carefully... Next week we will be performing in Brussels in les Bains::Connective (together with David Bausseron a. o.) so that's anaway the next focus...

17 August 2007


We are now entering a zone of turbulence - one month before the beginning of the residence we have to recast the whole think. We thought we found a good balance of dancers whose different skills would create a strong synergy, unfortunately after Kyung-sun, Helga is also stepping out and as they are both very specific dancers we don't intend to just replace them but to rethink all this... So we are looking for new dancers - checking out our network of Body Weather practitioners but also exploring the Berlin scene - and we anyway intended to involve new musicians at an earlier stage of the research process ; but on such short notice it will be difficult - though not impossible ! We have options, the difficulty is to combine the different schedules and make them fit in the last term - the residence has to happen before the end of 2007...

Anyway we had good shows in Dock 11 in the In Girum...#1 programme, with full room each 4 evenings and attentive audience - Berlin is undoubtfully the right place for our work !