25 July 2007

In girum...

a first collaboration between Helga Wretman and Bertram Dhellemmes will happen in the frame of the programme In Girum...#1 in Dock 11 in August 2007 ; Helga and Bertram will propose the instant composition performance "Untitled". On the same evenings Ines Birkhan will show her last solo project "Butterfly, sex & hypochondria".

more information on http://dock11-berlin.de & http://ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni.blogspot.com

Also in September, David Bausseron, Bertram Dhellemmes & Ines Birkhan will be part of Belgian dancer/choreographer Julien Bruneau's improvisation project "Seconde Main", in les Bains::Connective, and in that frame Ines will show "Butterfly, sex & hypochondria" as a duo with cellist Sylvia Platzer.

more information on http://unterhalt.blogspot.com