26 July 2007


You probably wonder why there is now the picture of a AK47 war gun at the top of this page... In the last months we kept on researching about how traditional dance & music theatre can create its space in modern culture. But admiring Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian or Indian theatre is not enough, also it can be counterproductive because we don't intend to reproduce or imitate them - so we reached the stage of taking distance with these influences to now explore the western culture in this current 'hypermodern episteme' to quote Foucault, to pick the substance of our work... And the modernist project of the early 20th century avant-gardes, this marriage of technology and primitivism sang by the futurists, actually happened, but not the the best, just like the release of the dark side wanted by the surrealists didn't free mankind but led to the merchandising of desire... So when we try to embody the spirit of times, this gun is alas a inevitable icon. At the bottom of the page is its negative double, an electric guitar, the proof that technology and violence can also generate art.

25 July 2007

In girum...

a first collaboration between Helga Wretman and Bertram Dhellemmes will happen in the frame of the programme In Girum...#1 in Dock 11 in August 2007 ; Helga and Bertram will propose the instant composition performance "Untitled". On the same evenings Ines Birkhan will show her last solo project "Butterfly, sex & hypochondria".

more information on http://dock11-berlin.de & http://ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni.blogspot.com

Also in September, David Bausseron, Bertram Dhellemmes & Ines Birkhan will be part of Belgian dancer/choreographer Julien Bruneau's improvisation project "Seconde Main", in les Bains::Connective, and in that frame Ines will show "Butterfly, sex & hypochondria" as a duo with cellist Sylvia Platzer.

more information on http://unterhalt.blogspot.com

23 July 2007

casting 3

Well, nothing can be taken for granted, so the cast had some modifications in the last weeks... Unfortunatly Kyung-sun Baek had to step out of the project, but she will not be replaced by another dancer - a new musician is actually joining the crew, the French guitar player and performer David Bausseron. His collaboration will influence our aesthetics to something more electric - that is anyway our current mood 6 weeks before the beginning of the residence in Schloß Bröllin.

David Bausseron
Musician and performer based in Lille, David Bausseron plays guitar and MIDI guitar with several improvised and experimental music groups (La Pieuvre, De Nouvelles Erreurs, X-trio, Electric Cue...) but also provides his guitarist skills to pop bands (Oublis Miniatures, Numéro h...) and composes film music (Le Témoin Muet...). As a actor, performer and musician he collaborated to dance and theatre projects with companies Real Dance Super Sentai, A.T.T.I.L.A, Trois Quart Face...), and elaborates his own multimedia stage solo projects with his company Murmur Music (Le Chant du Bouc, Shaman Reset...).