26 October 2007

seemingly definitive cast

David Bausseron
Musician and performer based in Lille, David Bausseron plays guitar and MIDI guitar with several improvised and experimental music groups (La Pieuvre, De Nouvelles Erreurs, X-trio, Electric Cue...) but also provides his guitarist skills to pop bands (Oublis Miniatures, Numéro h...) and composes film music (Le Témoin Muet...). As a actor, performer and musician he collaborated to dance and theatre projects with companies Real Dance Super Sentai, A.T.T.I.L.A, Trois Quart Face...), and elaborates his own multimedia stage solo projects with his company Murmur Music (Le Chant du Bouc, Shaman Reset...).

Ines Birkhan
Born in Vienna, living in Berlin since 2005, she studied fine arts and sculpture at the Academie of Applied Arts in Vienna, then dance and choreography at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Since then she continuously works on her own performances and film/video, such as Alpiner Exorzismus (2003/2004), Butterflies, Sex and Hypochondria (2005), Mythen der Zukunft (2005/2006), den kreisrunden Todengwalzer tanzen (2006/2007). She danced with/for Barbara Kraus, Kurt Koegel, Benoit Lachambre, Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn, Frank van den Ven, Lito Walkey and others. Since 2004 she is co-director of the company Real Dance Super Sentai. Since a few years she is also producing work as an author and wrote several short stories (Peter Lang Verlag) and a novel.

Samuel Bodart
Samuel Bodart is the drummer, composer, author and singer of numero h, a music collective he created in 2001. After several experiences as a drummer for 'classic' rock bands, he gets involved in 1998 into personal composition rooted in both drumming and writing. Together with different guest musicians and technicians, he's renewing his work for everything stage performance or recording (so far 2 CDs and 3 shows).

Bertram Dhellemmes
Lives and works in Berlin. First works as a visual artist, a video maker and a musician, then combines these different disciplines to transmedia practice, such as cinema (Alpiner Exorzimus with Ines Bikhan, 2004, short movie Partie 0.1, 1998) and transmedia performances (Oudapo, L.I.S.I.M., Ubik, N log h…). From his performer involvement, studies and works since 1996 with long term dancers of Min Tanaka's butoh company Maijuku, and with Min Tanaka himself, a. o. during a stay in Japan in 1999. His last years are mainly dedicated to dance — a. o. creating and directing the company Real Dance Super Sentai in 2003 — most of the time relating with music, video, new media and spatial devices, in an on-going transmedia research. Also art and cinema critic and theoretician.

Rebecca Fratini
Rebecca Fratini, was born in Sweden in 1981. She started her dance education at Danscenter in Stockholm and received her degree at Tanzakademie Balance 1 in Berlin in 2006. Since September of 2006 she has been working on her own projects as a choreographer and dancer. Among these projects were 2 Imperfect Drops shown at the TanzTage Berlin, Klimazone26 performed in 48 Stunden Neukölln, and Moora wich was a solo dance performance created for an exhibition in Warmsen.

Nelli Nolde
Nelli Nolde, born in 1984 in Kazakhstan, received her dance education in Dance Works Berlin and graduated in 2007 – and during her studies she collected various experiences as dancer and choreographer. In 2005 she worked together with UDK Berlin for the dance evening Bass in Motion. In 2006 she showed several performances in collaboration with Dance Works Berlin and also worked for the short-film Who broke the Vase of Naivesuper Film Produktion and the music video of Daddy Freddy Bring The Girls. In summer 2007 she danced in Crowded Action for the Shua Group from Jersey City, USA. In the coming year she will participate to the video project Studies 1 (on Medea) of Jürgen Bogle, which will be shown in the Berliner Tanztage festival.

Zohar Ren Karni
Zohar Ren Karni studied dance in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, also studied theatre and capoeira and practiced various movement styles. Living and working in Berlin since 2 years, she worked with the avant-garde dance collective Shady Rock and Cheese Pie - choreographer Sarah Beth Oppenheim -, participated in the dance film and performance Three Women by Dianamaria Spandlowski, and danced and acted in the music video clip Malkat Hakita by Thomas P. Karni (Israel). In 2006, she performed her solo T.A.C.T.I.C/in10city in Dock 11, Berlin.

making of the masks 1

25 October 2007

another final cast

so after the last audition we can set the final cast: David Bausseron, Ines Birkhan, Samuel Bodart, Bertram Dhellemmes, Rebecca Fratini, Nelli Nolde & Zohar Ren Karni will be part of this project - starting next week in Schloß Bröllin. We will present them in details in the next posts. We decided to keep our previous dancers 's bios on this blog because though they stepped out they have been part of this whole adventure and well, a blog is a blog, we don't rewrite history...

23 October 2007

die Welt als wilde Vostellung presentation in Schloß Bröllin > 14 November 2007

At the end of the 10-day residence in Schloß Bröllin, Real Dance Super Sentai will propose a work-in-progress presentation of the first stage of die Welt als wilde Vorstellung.

Schloß Bröllin
14 November 2007 - 8:00 pm
Bröllin 3 D-17309 Fahrenwalde
Tel:+49-039747-5650 - 0

16 October 2007

3 October 2007