24 January 2009

stuck in winter ice

It's been more than one year since we started the working process of 'die Welt als wilde Vorstellung' during our residence in Schloss Bröllin, and despise our work and efforts, our multiple applications for production, residence and showing have been in vain...

And we of course started new projects since - and quite successfully in the case of Angel Meat that gained us a 6 months residence in Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart). So for the first time Real Dance Super Sentai decided to suspend the working process of a piece - not only because our ideas and desires are not so fresh anymore and we want to keep working from excitement, but also because this piece is complex and expensive, and we promised our performers to provide them the minimum of good working conditions.

This is a pity since we are convinced of the qualities of this project, in itself and in comparison to most dance works we can see around. There is such a potential in this work, it's with bleeding hearts that we had to admit that it won't happen. Unless some miracle...

There have been a video made of the presentation made in Schloss Bröllin in November 2007, if you're interested in supporting this work and want to see this video, you can contact us at realdancesupersentai@gmail.com.
You can keep posted about our work on Unterhalt & Unterhaltung and Angel Meat's blog.