30 November 2007

next steps

Now that the dance and music process started concretely and that we are confident in the project, we can explore some of our other ideas - a.o. the use of puppets that we considered at a very early stage - to increase the number of characters without having too many performers on the pay-roll ! - an idea that evolved to just one giant puppet that might arrive for the final...

To develop this blur idea we had a very nice and productive meeting with puppeteer Sarah Wright of Silent Tide puppet company with whom a brainstorming both creative and pragmatic allowed us to deepen what was so far just a fantasy. These are some sketches made after the meeting.

25 November 2007

cast's constant evolution

A new dancer, Lara Martelli, joined the project for the Berlin sessions

Lara Martelli
Lara Martelli was born in Pesaro, Italy. She first studied music (violin) in Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro, then dance - first in New York with Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, she studied and at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen where she graduated. She has worked as a dancer with very different choreographers and theatre directors (among others with Sosta Palmizi, S. Linke, U. Dietrich, R. Leoni, J. Fabre, F. Ruckert). In her work as a performer and choreographer she has changed genre several times and has thereby gathered experience in the field between classical dance theatre, contemporary choreography and improvisation. Her curiosity to explore different body states, energetic transformations and metamorphoses leads her to ever new experiments.

24 November 2007

Residence in Schloss Bröllin

The residence in Schloss Bröllin is over and - as expected - allowed us to constitute a good working team and to initiate the concrete creative process - after months of organisation and theoretical work, it is a great pleasure to see this project embodied by dedicated dancers who provided their skills and energy to make this performance happen. You can see more pictures on the PHOTO GALLERY and a video of the presentation is available for producers and buyers - please contact us if you are interested.

Schloss Bröllin is an amazing place where to work, with good equipment, good spirit and a very supportive team to which we are grateful > www.broellin.de

10 November 2007

presentation in Schloss Bröllin > 14 November 2007

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