25 March 2008

what's new since last time ?

"die Welt..."'s production process is quite slow lately but we are not inactive : we are programming our instant composition programme In Girum..., after two radical dance/music duos with Constanza Brncic/Ferran Fagel and Diego Chamy/Robin Hayward, we invite for In Girum... #5 in May Rachel Brooker's project Invitation, an interactive piece with 10 performers, video, music...

more info on ingirumimusnocteetconsumimurigni.blogspot.com and In Girum...'s new MySpace.

Also, Ines will create her new solo piece Punschkrapfen in August 2008 in Pumpwerk, Berlin, and Bertram will show the short piece Untitled (a glam piece) as part of the dance + sound festival proposed by Pumpwerk in July.

There is also a lot of music projects going on, including David Bausseron coming to Berlin in June to start recording demos for a new guitar based CD with Bertram and maybe Sam - the whole "die Welt..." line up !

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